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Retreat to the Isle of Skye

Wyld wellness with the best Hebridean hospitality

Do you need to relax, unwind, and be looked after superbly well at the same time?

Join your host, Laura from Wyld Grace, and retreat to the Hebridean Inn for a long weekend of yoga, hiking, and guaranteed beautiful views - whatever the weather. Relax and unwind, enjoy nourishing healthy food, great company, and nurturing relaxation sessions to aid deep sleep.


Perfect Touches

The accommodation is set in the stunning isle of Skye, and is completely surrounded by nature. Simple and stylish accommodation with lots of options to choose from. 

Local Food

The in-house chef and owner use locally sourced food to keep your senses delighted and tastebuds tingling. Colourful and creative you will be blown away with the culinary delights. 


There are endless hikes around the Isle of Skye and the views are glorious. The scenery is quite simply breathtaking and your eyes will widen with every corner turned.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

When you retreat with us, you can expect tasty, nutritious meals to nourish your body and feed your soul. SELF Health, founded by chef and owner John Angus, will prepare beautiful brunches and delicious dinners each day. From fresh juices and smoothies, to colourful salads, seasonal produce, and hearty stews, you'll be well nourished during your stay.

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Upcoming Skye Retreats


Wyld Isle of Skye

An amazing Autumn adventure to discover your 'wyld' inside. Touching the parts of your soul that you have forgotten about for too long, reawakening the parts that have been sleeping, and rekindling the embers that are longing to burn bright once more.

October 19th - 23rd

Hogmanay Escape

What better way to start the new year! Do you fancy stepping into 2024 by climbing a mountain? Eating amazing nutritious and delicious food? Stretching and moving your body in a way that allows to you feel free? Getting the fresh air in your hair and throwing yourself at the elements? This new year retreat will leave you, quite simply, feeling unstoppable.

December 29th - January 3rd


Retreat Accommodation at the Hebridean Inn

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