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Hebridean Hospitality Limited is a recently formed company with a lot of experience behind it.


We strive for the best standards in the products and services we offer and are committed to the long-term development of the Hebridean Inn in Broadford.


We sincerely look forward to working with other businesses in the village and the surrounding area to make it a really great place to visit and stay.  

The Hebrides are a collection of hundreds of islands off the West coast of Scotland. In terms of natural beauty, history and cultural strength, there are not many places to rival the Hebrides in the world.  

The Islands have been inhabited for thousands of years, by Celts, Vikings, Scots and more – all adding layers to their history and the folklore that comes with it.  

From the standing stones and chessmen in Lewis, to Viking harbours and dinosaur prints on Skye, whisky galore in Eriskay and lost civilisations of St Kilda, there is a unique and rich history in this part of the world. 

At the Hebridean Inn, we cannot wait to share these stories of the past with you and celebrate the never ending fairytale that is the Hebrides. 



3 August 2020: 50% discounts for diners!

Good To Go Scotland.png

12 July 2020: We're good to go - The Heb will be open from 15 July!


22 July 2020: The "New Normal"


10 July 2020: 2,000 meals donated to local community



We at the Hebridean, strive to create an Inn that locals can be proud of. Our focus will be on developing a great team who in turn can be a real asset to all parts of the community. 

Wherever possible we seek to support local producers, ensuring that our visitors truly sample a taste of the Hebrides when they come through our doors. 


We want our guests to feel relaxed and unhurried always, in an atmosphere that is inspired by Hebridean imagery, folklore and legend.  


The Hebridean Inn is aware of its environmental responsibilities and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible, working with Resource Efficient Scotland to ensure we are doing all we can to save energy and reduce needless waste. 



The Hebridean Inn is actively recruiting a team of motivated individuals who take pride in serving others in an environment that is set up to encourage learning and growth. 

Please get in touch if you would like to join the team  

01471 822 486 


The Hebridean Inn will be a Living Wage employer, committed to ensuring that the staff who work with us are key stakeholders in the business. 

We want to make hospitality an attractive career path to follow and are keen share our knowledge, experience and ultimately our successes.


There are many fantastic walks, for all levels, within 20 minutes' drive of the Hebridean Inn. 



via Skye Bridge

Cross the bridge and turn right at the roundabout. Travel north on the A87 towards Broadford for 6 miles. The Hebridean Inn is on the left hand side of the road half a mile past the junction with the A851 (the Armadale road). 

Hebridean Inn


Isle of Skye


IV49 9AQ

via Armadale Ferry

Travel up the A851 towards Broadford. Turn left onto the A87 towards Broadford. The Hebridean Inn is half a mile 

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